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We Offer The Best Tamp Boat Rentals

At TBR we help you Rent A Boat in Tampa, Florida

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    Finding The Right Boat Rentals In Tampa FL

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    Boating is fun and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Unlike vehicles, most people do not own boats. Boat renting is not competitive; hence, it is easier to rent a boat. TBR can help you get a boat at an affordable cost.

    TBR offers the best boat rental deals in Tampa, Florida. They have commercial and leisure boats to suit your needs. They have several boat rental companies in Florida.

    TBR is one of the best boat rentals in Tampa. We focus on fishing, offer tubes, family boating for rent or purchase. We offer beverages, ice, and live bait while cruising.

    We have made sure to equip our boats with coolers, GPS units to help you navigate, and life jackets.

    Our committed boat rental staff is always ready to support you in every way. You can have a lifetime experience of Tampa Bay due to the comfort our boats offer.

    You want to rent a boat to suit your needs, look no further than Little Harbor Water Sports. Tampa has white sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets. It also offers a great fishing experience.

    When choosing a boat to rent, check the ratings of the rental operators. Check the reviews given by previous customers and prices of half-day and full-day rentals. The best company has the highest rating. Previous customers acknowledge their services. Prices for half-day and full-day renting are quite fair and flexible.

    Check whether the rental company is licensed, and their rules and regulations are easy to adhere to.

    If you wish to rent a boat in Florida, you must go through an official boating safety course successfully. Then get a B.S.E.I.C. (Boating Safety Education Identification Card) allotted by the F.W.C. if you’re born on or after 1998, January 1st

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    Have Fun With Tampa Bay Boat Rentals

    It would be best if you asked about the rental agreement. It usually varies. Make sure to read carefully before signing. Some companies limit how far you can go from the shore. Boating further than this is rendered a contract breaker.

    Ask whether the boat rental company is insured. Confirm with your insurance company if your existing policy might cover you for boat damage.

    Examine the boat you are renting before using it. It will prevent you from incurring costs from previous damage caused by other people. Before signing your rental agreement list:

    • Sit stains
    • Windshield cracks
    • Damage to the propeller or motor
    • Broken or loose fittings

    Check the safety equipment provided- Ensure there are life jackets stored in the boat you are renting.

    Ask for a tour of your boat before departing from the marina. There should be life jackets for everyone in the boat. Children should have their life jackets on at all times.

    Boats come in all sizes and shapes. Many can accommodate up to 900 guests. Before renting out a boat, it is important to know the number of people cruising in it.

    You don’t want to have people scattered or squeezed in your boat. Knowing the number of people helps you choose the right size.

    Confirm whether you’ll have internet or cell service on the boat. How will people reach you and vice versa? Most boats have satellite phones, which is suitable when exploring waters and away from mobile phone service.

    If you’re renting a boat for an event or a party, you won’t have to worry about losing mobile service unless you’re sailing far away from the shore.

    An Experienced Tampa Boat Captain

    You always want to make sure that the boat rental company offers an experienced and certified captain if they are going to be in charge of your boat.

    You can ask any questions that make you feel comfortable such as how many years has the captain been doin this for or does the captain know the lakes or ocean in the Tampa area?

    Our company offers superior hosts, captains, boats and an unbelievable experience out on the water.

    What Are Popular Boats to Rent for the Bay or Ocean?

    • Beautiful Crownline is perfect for the bay
    • Charlton’s Reef Fishing Charters
    • The Funship is great for families and parties

    What Are Popular Boats to Rent for Lakes?

    • NEW 2021 Bennington Pontoon (GAS INCL)
    • 23 Hydrasports Bay Bolt for fishing or cruising
    • Large Fishing Charters with Experienced Captain

    Look For A Reputable Boat Rental Company In Tampa Florida

    We are here to help just give us a call or fill out the quick form. It is the easiest way to rent a boat in Tampa.

    You can visit Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Search for Tampa boat rentals and complete the booking on your mobile phone. You can also visit our website to read reviews and find captains and boat owners in Tampa.

    How Much Do Boat Rentals Cost In Tampa?

    Boat rentals vary depending on the type of boat you want but here are a few broad boats that we offer. Please call us or fill out the form above for pricing.

    • Cruisers
    • Yachts
    •  Fishing Charters 
    • Pontoon Boats

    Exciting Places In Tampa For Boat Renters, Families And Friends

    We offer family and kids friendly boat rentals for our customers. We advise you on the best boat to rent that will accommodate your family. We offer enough life jackets that come in different sizes.

    Our trained crew personnel guide you throughout your adventure on our boats. We ensure to educate you and your loved ones before cruising into the open waters.

    Boat rides are fun. All you have to do is work with a good boat rental company to have an incredible adventure.

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